Luton 1-2 Barnsley

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Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Barnsley play mid table Luton in today’s fixture with Ismael making two changes from Good Friday’s game seeing Sibbick and Dike making the starting 11.

The Hatters won at Oakwell in Barnsley’s 2021 opening fixture but Barnsley have come along way since them but the rivalry continues and the last 4 attempts Barnsley have failed to beat them.

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Barnsley kept up a good tempo but there was little to choose from between both sides. Both sides had missed opportunities with strikes from Palmer and Woodrow going wide of the goal and with Barnsley having defending to do when a ball landed nicely for Luton, leading to a tense moment in the Barnsley area but thankfully the ball could not find the back of the net.

The second Barnsley corner was retrieved by Luton and taken down field but Brad Collins sweeper keeper was there to retrieve the shot but the offside flag was raised.

The first half continued with another shot from Luton but was comfortably saved by Collins and threats from Brittain and Palmer who both failed to convert. Barnsley continued to play out and press looking the better of the two sides going forward.

The twentieth minute saw a possible hand ball against Matty Pearson in the Luton penalty area but Barnsley did not persist with claims.

Dike showed incredible strength and composure to brush off ex-red Matty Pearson in the 26th minute scoring a clinical 6th goal for Barnsley assisted by Woodrow.

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

The hatters were on the attack’s again but resulting in a fantastic delivery from a free kick headed out by Anderson header.

The last 5 minutes of the first half saw Barnsley looking a little bit sharper and in the 2 additional minutes, kept the ball in Luton territory taking the tykes in to half time a goal up.

Half time Luton Town 0 - Barnsley 1

The Luton formation change from half time pushed 2 more men forward but the high line of the Barnsley defence did their job effectively.

The first and only yellow card of game was given to Luton awarding a free kick against Dike. Mowatt took the shot but the ball rested in the goal keeper’s hands.

Luton found their way back into Barnsley territory but a perfectly timed slide from Helick cleared the ball.

Two Changes made for Barnsley - Morris and Halme replace Palmer and Adeboyejo

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Again Luton persisted, and came back with a perfectly good opportunity to make it 1-1 but unable to convert.

Barnsley found themselves back in the Hatters box with Woodrow taking a shot but the keeper saved with the ball bouncing away into the path of Dike, showing great awareness to put away his second goal.

Another shot, this time by Styles who hit the ball superbly, it resulted in a fantastic save by the Luton goalkeeper.

Luton make another substitution and change formation again to try and break down Barnsley but they are struggling to get out of their half.

A third change for Barnsley sees Frieser replace Woodrow.

Dike shows strength again but hits the side of the net and with determination, shortly finds himself in the front of the Luton net again but is fouled by Pearson in the penalty area. Seeing some deliberation over who will take the penalty, Dike places the ball. Dike strikes the ball but is denied the penalty as it is saved and Helik cannot convert the rebound. Luton take advantage and get the ball down the field and the ball is fired passed Collins to take the score to 2-1.

Photo: Richard Washbrooke/News Images

Luton find the appetite to take a point from this game and apply pressure to keep the Barnsley fans holding their breath and screaming at the tv to clear the ball up until the 94th minute.

Barnsley make this 6 away wins in a row setting a new record for Barnsley.

Luton 1-2 Barnsley.

Written by: @OneManPress.

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