Selling your images with News Images


News Images have a proven track record of of selling images directly into all of the UK's national and regional news papers and magazines. We also have one of the best commission payment rates available in the UK.  We care about our contributors so the more images you get published the greater the financial gain for you. 

Our commission rates.  

  • 1 to 10 images (*per calendar month)  print or online =  60% of all sales.   

  • 11 to 20 images (*per calendar month) print or online =  65% of all sales.

  • 21 + images (*per calendar month) print or online = 70% of all sales.

What we offer.


  • ITPC will be generated for every job you do by our picture desk and emailed directly to you. 

  • Our desk will QC all images before they go out just in case there is an error (we may rectify before sending. eg. straighten a horizon or correct a spelling)

  • Contributors with a proven track record of excellence will be added to our state of the art News Images portal app.  Where images are automatically ftp'd to all our clients before even reaching our own severs.

  • Images are also published on our live Twitter feed (News Images Twitter Link) where the image will be published along with the caption, watermark and also your twitter tag and various hashtags.   

  • A dedicated FTP address just for you. 

What we need from you.

All we ask is; 

  • You send us quality images with the correct colour balance, exposure, composition and a level horizon. *(if the image needs work by our photo desk then you may lose a little of your commission due to us having to work on the image or the image may not be submitted. 

  • Correct caption on the ITPC.


  • You send a unique set of images that have not been sent to any other outlet. 

  • And a friendly person on the other end of the phone if we call. 

If you would like to know more the please do not hesitate to contact us

To be considered for a contributor account please send 10 images that best represent you as a photojournalist along with a cover letter to



Editors’ Code of Practice

*Please note All photojournalist must adhere to the IPSO Editors Code of Practice. News Images will not be liable for any photographers/journalists actions outside of the code.